West Georgia – lightness and character, journey throught less known regions

As part of the Poznaj Smak Gruzji programme, we have the pleasure of inviting you to a tasting of Georgian wines.

West Georgia – lightness and character, i.e. regions in a less known relief.
The tasting is aimed at a general introduction to the subject of Georgian wine presented through the regional prism. We will try to slightly disenchant the stereotypes of heavy and difficult wines from Kakheti and go to the west, where drinkability acquires a new meaning. We will present profiles of producers not yet present on the Polish market, mainly from the Imeretia region, and their original wines, full of sincerity.

Different styles and production methods, a new wave of Georgian winemakers, incredible potential!

ATTENTION: the tasting is intended for HoReCa sector only, journalists and people professionally related to wine

The tasting will be hosted by:
Izabela Piszczkiewicz – sommelier and Project Manager of Poznaj Smak Gruzji programme.
Katarzyna Puk – sommelier, passionate about qvevri wines and the author of a blog on Georgian wines Veni, Vidi, Gvino.

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