In order to simplify searching for the right taste of wine, Georgians divided their country into six main winemaking regions. To know better the taste that should be expected from each vine, they further divided it into micro-regions. In order to achieve full taste precision, they established 18 appellations from among these micro-regions. All this has contributed to the Georgians’ reputation as the renowned masters of winemaking thoroughness.

List of regions


The largest and the most important winemaking region in Georgia. It covers ⅔ of all Georgian vineyards. This sunny land enjoys continued interest of investors. No wonder that the beverages sourced from there are the effect of both the traditional, as well as European method of wine production.

Kakheti includes twenty-five micro-regions, of which fourteen have the status of official appellations [Tsinandali, Gurjaani, Vazisubani, Manavi, Kardanakhi, Tibaani,Kakheti, Kotekhi, Napareuli, Mukuzani, Teliani, Kindzmarauli, Akhasheni,Kvareli].

The “oenologic celebrities” of that region are the white, dry Cinandali from Tsinandali appellation, and the red, unique saperavi from Mukuzani appellation.


Known for its European character – there you will find both local and foreign varieties. Grape is grown in this region near the Mtkvari river and its tributaries: LIAKVI AND KSANI Notable white varieties are Chinuri, Gori Mtsvane, Budeshuri. The red varieties are: Tavkveri, Shavkapito, and, of course, the famous Saperavi.


White wine and sparkling wine are the most commonly produced wines in this region. Despite it being the second largest winemaking land (about 9 thou. ha), here you will find only one recognized appellation – Sviri, used for producing white dry wine. The most popular wines of the region: Sviri Krakhuna, Obchuri Tsolikouri and Kvalituri Tsitska.


This region, situated in the southern part of the country, is also known under the name Samtskhe-Javakhet. Mescheria is often referred to as the “Georgian Siberia”, due to its severe winters. Wandering around this land you will see volcanic, deep ravines and short mountain strips.


A prestigious and uniquely picturesque cultivation region situated in mountainous valleys, of small area (around 1.7 thou. ha). Vineyards are often located here on steep slopes, which means they need to be harvested by hand. Here you will find two appellations: Khvanchkara, located in the valley of the Rioni river, and its neighbour – Tvishi. Both of them produce sweet wine. Khvanchkara is famous for its medium-sweet red wine made of alexandrouli and mujuretuli varieties, and Tvishi – for its white, also semi-sweet wine, produced of the colikauri variety.

Black sea coastal zone

This region comprises of four provinces: Samegrelo, Guria, Adjara and Abkhazia.

In these lands, the most grapes are cultivated in Samegrelo (around 800 ha) and Guria (about 300 ha). The dominant variety is colikauri; yet, it does not make the wine from these varieties the most desirable. It is the semi-dry varietal wines from ojaleshi and chkhaveri varieties that have many more admirers on the coast (and elsewhere).

Another part of the Coast – Odjara is associated with colikauri and chkhaveri varieties. These are the most frequently grown grapes on the land’s 50 hectares of vineyards.

Abkhazia once had the reputation of a renowned winemaking region. The longest grapevines seen there measured from 400 to 800 meters (according to NAW). Today, such cultivations are a memory in the region.



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