There is a trap in simplicity

About the Made in qvevri II project.

The second episode of Made in qvevri II has appeared on our YT channel and FB fanpage
In this episode, we consider what features should have “Georgian winemaker”.
During our trips to Georgia, we met many of them, and you certainly did too.

Do you think they have some common features?

In our opinion, such a person should be patient, love nature, it cannot be someone who does not have spontaneity (“spontaneous fermentation and wild yeast – that’s the whole secret of this simplicity)

In this episode, you will find out who has received two qvevri under their care and intends to make wine in 2020 – of course the Georgian method of production.

We were looking for Poles with the characteristics of Georgian winemakers 🙂

We present to you the vineyards that were chosen:

1. Vineyard of Srebrna Góra

Big producer. Characteristic features: professionalism, reliability, built brand, professional equipment.

More about the Srebrna Góra vineyard:

The Srebrna Góra Vineyard is located in Krakow, at the foot of the Monastery of O.O. Camaldolese in Bielany. It is one of the largest vineyards in Poland, picturesquely situated in the Vistula valley. It covers an area of 26 ha and consists of two parts located in Bielany and in the nearby Przegorzały.

Source: https: //

2. Smykan Vineyard and Koziarnia

The place known as “at Lorkow”.
The culinary and wine orchestra. Each member of the family can play any of the instruments. They love nature, they like experiments and are not afraid of hard work. To taste wine in the circumstances of nature that they created in Koziarnia – a dream.

More about the Smykan vineyard
The first seedlings in the vineyard were planted in 2004. In 2006, the owner of the farm took part in the Winnice Małopolski program. The program included theoretical training in Poland and practical-theoretical training in Hungary and Austria. After the training, the cultivation was extended and the vineyard acreage is now about 1 ha. Both white (Seyval Blanc, Bianca, Pinot Gris, Siegerrebe, Johanniter) and red varieties (Regent, Rondo, Cabernet Cortis) grow in the vineyard.


3. Jakubow vineyard.

Youth, wine talent, careful production, willingness to experiment, ambitious approach to the subject.
In our opinion, all these features fit perfectly into the qualities of a “Georgian winemaker”. Does the nickname “Misiek” mean something to you? For wine lovers in Poland, surely yes.

More about the vineyard:

The vineyard founded in 2002 by Artur Pajdosz. Since 2013, the vineyard has been run by his son – Michał. The cultivation is located in the central part of the Dałkowskie Hills (height approx. 200 m above sea level, south-western exposure), currently it covers approx. 2 ha, planned expansion in the next few years. It is grown: rondo, regent, dornfelder, traminer, sibera, hibernal, solaris and others in smaller numbers.


4. Maciej Popek

Wine lover, the black horse of project.

Maciej is our dear friend. When he heard about our idea, he brought two qvevri himself and decided to go head to head with experienced winemakers.He want to make a wine “different than all” 🙂
His dream is to bring satsnakheli in front of his house and to produce wine in 2020 using the Kakhetian method.
We will check it with our cameras 🙂

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