Made in Qvevri 2, only naturally!

"We buried QVEVRI at the foot of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Monastery Complex oo, Camaldolese in Bielany (XVII century), in the Srebrna Góra Winery..."
wrote on his FB profile Marcin Swiatkowski - the orginator of Made in qvevri series. 

The Georgian Ambassador Ilia Darchashvili put the post on his social media profile:
"It's an exciting day, in full harmony with Georgian traditions, the first Georgian Kvevri embedded in the ground in Srebrna Góra."

And one more memorie from the event of the editor of the film - Marcin Pieprzak from Pieprzak Media:
"We have it! The premiere of the film watched with friends (and even Georgian ambassador!) in the beautiful nature of the Winnica Srebrna Góra”.

This year's edition of the event at Srebrna Góra brought a real breakthrough.
From this year on, we can confidently say that we have started real work- making wine. 

It's not just advertising and tasting, but truly work at the base.

Plus, we'll record everything for you in Season II of Made in qvevri!
In the I season of Made in qvevri, we learned how to make this vassel.
With success. Adam from Żywa Pracownia made for us two beautiful qvevri with a capacity of 300 liters and 600 liters. Unfortunately, when firing at the Pannonica Festival - both broke.

In order not to risk and implement our plan of make wine in traditional Georgian method (kachetian), we decided to import qvevri from Georgia. 
The road was long ... But eventually qvevri went to 3 vineyards in Poland.

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The premiere today.

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