Trip to Georgia

Our trip to Georgia took place in October.

It was a COVID-19 expedition.

However, it does not change anything when it comes to our impressions and the valuable material that we collected during the shooting for Made in qvevri II.

We invite you to watch the 9th episode of the series, in which we will show you extraordinary people and places.


Giorgi Natenadze is a special figure who will surely enter the story of Georgia’s return to the roots of the wine tradition.

Here’s an introduction to what you can see in episode 9 of the series:

a short note from the trip of one of the members of the Made in qvevri team:



“We drove a few hours to meet the amazing man, Giorgi Natenadze. He is leading a project that aims to recreate traditional winemaking in his Samkhe-Javakheti region. Samkhe-Javakheti was the cradle of Georgian agriculture, unfortunately in 1590 the entire region was conquered by the Ottoman Empire. The occupation lasted several hundred years until the region was recaptured by Stalin. Giorgi is looking for wild vines that are often over 100 years old! The main goal of this project is to revive and save these old varieties from oblivion.

Giorgi makes his own unique wines from wild grapes that are harvested. We were totally fascinated by their taste and the whole project, for which we keep our fingers crossed. ”



Mariusz Kapczyński in his article, which appeared on the forum of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, wrote about the meeting with Giorgi:


“He did an amazing job – he traveled through many villages, the most sunken holes and forgotten corners. All this to verify and collect data, collect an archive of forgotten grapevine varieties, research them, identify them and – what is important – multiply. He found many of these vines in an almost primal stage – climbing trees – in forgotten places, abandoned villages. – I found some vines that are over 100 years old and some, I believe, are over 400 years old. I discovered 40 rare grapevines in the forests of the south of the country, near the border with Turkey, but so far I have only been able to identify 24 – he said ”


The episode is available on our fanpage and on the YT channel:



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