Where the heart of Georgian winemaking is?

It is the second time we have the pleasure to present the article by Mariusz Kapczyński from Vinisfera.pl.

The article was published on 20/03/2020 in Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.

We are very pleased with the cooperation and despite the pendemi, which certainly limited access to newspapers, we are glad that we can offer you the “stayinghome” version – e-newspaper.

In this article, you could find out where the heart of Georgian winemaking is, and which varieties are most important for Georgians.

For true fans of local Georgian varieties, of which we distinguish almost 500, Mariusz mentioned a dozen of them. From our perspective, this can be a good homework lesson to learn how to pronounce, and maybe taste them.

We will give you advice – to get to know the taste of some of them you will need to go to Georgia! ?

Maybe with us :)?

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When things will change and we will leave our houses, as every year, we will announce a competition where the trip to Georgia will be the prize.

We encourage you to read the article and invite you to the next one.

In April, a special Easter’s magazine edition of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna with Georgia in the lead role will appear (30.04.2020).

However, the week before (24.04) you will find us like every month in the daily edition of the journal.

Each second to last Friday of month?!


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