Akhmeta and Tsarapi

We want, with undisguised excitement, to announce that Georgia has 23rd appellation
Last month, the National Wine Agency announced the establishment of two new appellation: Akhmeta and Tsarapi.

This shows us how diverse and unique Georgian vine varieties are. This is especially important in the context of popularizing Georgian wines.

We share with you a brief description of these two appellation:


“Akhmeta” (additional designation “Akhmeta Green”) is white or amber wine.

The geographical location here indicates a subtropical dry or moderately humid subtropical climate soil: Calcic cambisols.
The grapevine has a characteristic green color here and it is called kahetian green and thus it is the characteristic of Akhmeta PDO unique wines.

Tsarapi” is a dry white wine made mainly from the Rkatsiteli grape variety harvested in Gurjaani, Kachetia.

“Tsarapi” is made from Rkatsiteli grapes with the option of adding 15% of the Kakhuri Mtsvane and / or Khihvi grapes, during the production process.
The use of other varieties is not permitted.

What is Appellation and what all these mean

DOC or DOCG, AOC or DO, or as in the case of Georgia PDO?

It’s about nothing but the so-called “controlled origin” in different languages.
The probably best known DOC are Italian Denominazione di Origine Controllata.

New World also has its name in the US is AVA (American Viticultural Area)
in South Africa – WO (Wine of Orgin).
Returning to our Georgia
PDO means Protected Designation of Origin.

What is the purpose of appellation?

It is about the standards that a given wine must meet to be called e.g. Tsinandali.
More precisely: it defines (strictly) the area, the vine varieties use is allowed, production techniques, vineyard yield, as well as the standards of viticulture.

More about georgian appellation you may find here.

Rkatsiteli Khihvi Mtsvane Kakhuri

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